Transylvania, the mysterious land of Count Dracula, shelters attractions known by very few. Pure wilderness, breathtaking beauty and nature such as God has created it.

The name of the land comes from the Latin Terra Ultra Silvam meaning The Land Past the Woods. Do you have the courage to find out what the depths of these woods hide? If yes… continue reading.

Meet the older and less famous sibling of the Transfagaran: Transalpina. It is the highest road in Romania, crossing landscapes of unrivaled beauty up to 2,145 m altitude. Also called “Road of the King”, this route connects Transylvania with Oltenia.

The Traxalpina route starts at Marginimea Sibiului, an amazing area with fairytale villages, where the Romanian customs are preserved with devotion. Setting off from Jina, the last settlement of Marginimea Sibiului, we travel on Transalpina and return to Sibiu via Valea Oltului. On this adventure we use BRP CanAm Spider gear, the route being only by road with a duration of two to three days.

This route of 5 to 7 days long covers the best and most spectacular assets of this fairytale land: thick woods treaded exclusively by wild animals, views that can stir the envy of any photographer in the world, crystal-like springs, and abundance of pristine nature.

Magica Traxilvania would not be complete without the Bran Castle. Only this time we reach the castle on less footed trails which hide mysteries known perhaps only by Count Dracula himself. Are you bold enough to take an offroad trail you have never experienced before? Garlic may be useful.

A high-level tour whose climax is experienced only after… a spectacular descent to the feet of Romania where the Danube river flows. Here you will see the tallest sculpture in Europe – the face of the Dacian King Decebal - who, according to the legend, had buried huge treasures within the mountains to be crossed on the return trip.

A spectacular route with incredible views going through gorges of fast and clear rivers. We will visit caves and monasteries and sometimes use a boat to travel on the Danube. This is a fully off road experience of 7 days using BRP CanAm gear.

Even if you are in the land of Count Dracula, your safety comes first and we do our best to make your experience in Transylvania a safe and hazard-less one. Here are the major safety actions we provide:

– Transfer from/to any airport in Romania;
– Translator 24/7;
– Guide during the entire experience;
– Protection equipment included;
– Permanent GPS monitoring;
– Medical insurance included;
– Routes that are checked and crossed by us in advance;
– Permanent assistance with a vehicle that travels in parallel with the off-road route. The vehicle carries: fuel, a back-up ATV, and your luggage so that you have an increased comfort during your experience;

– Accommodation and meals are ensured in locations carefully checked and chosen;
– At your request we can also transport people from or to any European destination. Transportation is ensured with Mercedes-Benz V-Class vehicles, thus offering a maximum of comfort in your trip towards the unforgettable experience called Traxilvania;
– Our events are always organized exclusively for our clients so a minimum number of participants is not required;
– To rent a car from our fleet it is mandatory to block a guarantee on a credit card;
– We are available and open to discuss any other requests you may have.

We engaged in full transparency regarding the price. After all, you come to an unknown place and it is only natural to have a control of the costs. The enclosed prices are real, no hidden taxes and no other marketing tricks.

ATV…………………….220€ + VAT/day

SSV…………………….250€ + VAT/day

Snowmobile …………300€ + VAT/day

Spider………………….300€ + VAT/day

Romanian VAT: 19%

We could tell you how different we are from the others, but we prefer to prove it to you. The adventure of your life is at an e-mail or phone call away. Imagine every detail of your experience and then multiply it all by 100. That is how delighted you will be on this experience that we called quite simply, but creatively, Traxilvania.

Iulian Titonea – general manager

En / Ro – 0040 765605670